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Our Handmade Ostomy Bag Covers

Awesome Ostoschels provides you with high-quality handmade Ostomy Bag Covers which are made from the most comfortable fabrics, offering a plethora of styles so that you can pick the one that intrigues you the most. With our innovative product, you can go about your everyday life without a care in the world. You can rock your stylish cover with confidence, as our covers offers odor reduction fabric, allowing you to feel confident when you are out and about.


Working in health care as a Personal Support Worker (PSW) in Ontario Canada, I have experience working with people who use Ostomy bags, and I am aware of how much care it demands. Inspired by a close family member, I decided to provide Ostomy bag covers to help people feel comfortable and confident, so that they can continue to embrace themselves as a confident individual in society.

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Our Ostomy bag covers come at an affordable price point, whether they are from our ready-made design or custom design according to your specification.

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Comprehensive Range of Handmade Ostomy Bag Covers

We can provide our customers with an extensive array of ready-made styles of Ostomy bags to choose from. Without skimping on quality and comfortable feel.

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Customized Bag Covers

Awesome Ostoschels offers custom-made designs, just give us an order description (Font, color, design) and we will have one made to your liking. We understand that our customer deserves all comfort in the world without any exceptions.